Pellet & Bioethanol fuel supply

We supply wood pellets for use in all types of stove and boiler burners in Ireland.

We supply bagged pellets for collection from our warehouse or 1.2 tonnes (80 x 15kg bags) delivered to your house within 3 working days of receipt of order (weather permitting).

Our pellets are now manufactured in Ireland and have been in use for over 5 years in domestic and commercial properties for boilers and stoves. They are 6mm size and are the same quality as previously supplied by Kedco.

We also supply Bioethanol fuel for use in fireplaces with Bioethanol appliances. The fuel is delivered to your house (minimum order 20 litres) or can be collected from our warehouse in Cork.


For detailed information about deliveries or to place an order, please contact us:  

Click Here to download Wood Pellets info (pdf 393kb)